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Kimber is an AKC Chocolate Merle Tanpoint. Her birthday is March 22nd 2020 and she arrived at our home when she was 8 weeks old in May 2020. She is playful and energetic and has never met a stranger. She loves to cuddle and bury her nose in our laps any chance she gets. She is the most loyal dog we’ve ever known as she is constantly looking for her master, our daughter, Hayden. 

Kimber knew Hayden was out late one evening at a play and Kimber paced back and forth by the front door until Hayden arrived safely home. Another time, Hayden was sick with a fever and while laying on the couch, Kimber never left her side. Kimber exhibits perfectly how a dog can be “a man’s best friend.” Her coloration is just stunning. 



Benelli is a beautiful AKC Blue Tan point. Her birthday is February 2, 2020 and arrived at our home in April 2020 at 8 weeks old. She is such a sweet and gentle soul. She loves to snuggle up beside you and flash her big blue eyes at you. She has the most calm and pleasant demeanor as she faithfully guards and protects our children, always checking on them and making sure they are around. Our children often play in the woods on our property and Benelli is always beside them keeping careful watch. 

We were on a family walk one afternoon in the woods when an unknown dog started to approach us. Benelli ran after it, barked a few times until the dog ran away and came right back to us. She is extremely smart and even learned to “shut the lid” of the toilet at 6 months old. She is a true blessing to our family!



Remington, also known as “Remi,” is an AKC Chocolate Harlequin Tanpoint. His birthday is April 3rd 2023 and he arrived on Samantha’s birthday in 2023! What an awesome birthday present. We are excited to watch him grow and become part of our family. 



Colt is a gorgeous AKC Blue Brindlepoint. His birthday is May 2nd 2023 and joined our family the beginning of July 2023. He has fit right in and Remi was super thrilled to have another puppy his size to play with. We are excited to see how he grows and his future here at Ferguson Family Danes. 

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