Guidelines for Puppy Adoption

Please read before placing a deposit

You first will need to complete our puppy application form located on this website. After we review your application we will then send you an acceptance notification in order to schedule a Facetime call with us. Once the Facetime call is complete and you have had a chance to see the puppy you are interested in adopting, a $500 deposit will need to be placed in order to reserve your puppy. We will not hold a puppy without a deposit.

[NOTE: *** You will not be considered on the Puppy Reserve List until the appropriate down payment has been received. Once moneys are received, you will receive a confirmation that you are on our Deposit Reservation List. It will be your responsibility to make sure that you are on our Deposit Reservation puppy list. Always make sure you have received a confirmation from me after sending in your deposit to make sure I have received your application and deposit and have placed you on our list. Once you place a deposit on a particular puppy, you will be considered committed to purchase that puppy. If you are unable to purchase your puppy, your deposit will be LOST***]


Our Early Deposits List Lasts Forever

We do understand that sometimes life works out differently than we imagine, and if you find that you will be unable to adopt your new puppy in the time frame you had previously thought, that is ok, as our deposits are good as long as you want the deposit to ride. This is ONLY if you have put down a deposit but you have not yet picked and committed to a particular puppy. Remember, A deposit will not be refunded.



Male vs Female

There is something to getting a female if you already have a male. However, it may not be quite what you would expect. If you already have a dog, then the opposite sex is always a good choice. If you were to just close your eyes and pick a puppy, the chances that our puppies will get along with your current dog is very good. However, this approach might not be the best way to choose a pup. A second puppy should first be chosen for its temperament as well as its ability to get along with other dog(s) regardless of sex. We have found this is the best way to determine which puppy is the best match for you and your family.



The Appearance of a mail vs female puppy

Yes, many males do have a more massive look and they do tend to get slightly taller and heavier than their female counterpart…in American Danes this is most noticeable…however, in European Danes, it is less noticeable as females are quite big, thick and boxy as well. With an American/European cross, both sexes can almost look identical…some females in the litter will be smaller but it is also possible that some males will be smaller … thus, you can end-up with a female who outgrows her male counterpart in height, weight and even looks! In this case, it is best to look at previous litters to be able to extrapolate what general characteristics of the expected puppies could be produced.

When I look for new Danes, I look for muscular bodies with a wide chest and a well-defined, chiseled head. In addition, I always look for the desired characteristics in both parents of the puppy. American lines typically have smaller heads and tighter skin. European lines usually have looser skin and bigger heads. Due to their fuller, loose lips, European lines tend to drool more than American or crosses. It is, however, all in the genetics. This is what we typically expect to see in the litters, but to the exact degree that the phenotype is expressed, we always just have to wait and see post-birth.

Going Home Time


Going Home Time

There has been a great deal of research done by the AKC for them to recommend that the optimum time for puppies to go to their new home is at 8 to 9 weeks of age. This is when the pup is ready to develop a strong bond with the new family. We follow their recommendations. Please consider this time sequence prior to putting a deposit for a puppy. We attempt to work with both of our schedules in arranging the actual pick-up date and time during week 8 of your puppies’ life. If you are not able to get your puppy during week 8, we will handle this on a case by case basis. We do not feel that it is in the best interest of the puppy to hold them here beyond week 9 when all of their siblings are gone. If a puppy does remain here after week 9, a daily boarding fee will be applied of $3.00 per day. Boarding fees are to be paid prior to puppy pickup. If you for any reason are not able to pick the puppy up, we are willing to transport the puppy to you for an addition fee. There are pet transportation services available, but we would recommend you allowing us to transport your puppy to eliminate any unnecssary exposure for your puppy before they are fully vaccinated at 16 weeks old. 


Puppy Registration

All of our family-pet Great Dane puppies will be placed in homes on an AKC limited registration (i.e. WITHOUT BREEDING RIGHTS). They will have spay/neuter contracts. The limited puppy registration will be made available to you once you have presented to us a veterinarian proof of sterilization. If you plan on breeding your puppy, your intentions MUST be made known to us at the time of deposit. In such cases, exceptions may be given for full AKC registration to proven, reputable breeders but at our discretion. AKC registration names MUST include Ferguson Family in their name. We value our lines and reputation. While they are in our home, we treat them as our children. When they leave us, we still feel a bond with these special little ones and would love to be kept abreast as to how they are doing.


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